Nominee Best Animated Program or Series - "Santa Who"

An Animated Comedy

Created by Denis Kopotun and Diana Moore

Building on the success of popular YouTuber “Denis”, ‘Denis and Me’ is about the imagined adventures of Denis and his chaos-magnet sidekick cat Sir Meows A Lot.

Denis is friendly and super positive, an upbeat kid who loves to laugh, mostly at himself and Sir Meows A Lot. He has a big big heart and is both highly excitable, and highly entertaining (much like his YouTube personality). Through his misadventures with Sir Meows A Lot, viewers will see that it’s okay to be awkward, to make mistakes, to try again, to push yourself out of your comfort zone and to always, ALWAYS stand up for your best friend.

Sir Meows A Lot’s dialogue may be limited to “meows”, but his shenanigans bring big laughs. The situations he gets himself into are utterly absurd and riveting, borrowing from the visual storytelling tradition of shows like “SpongeBob SquarePants” and “Adventure Time”.

The stories revolve around Denis and Sir Meows A Lot’s lives together – with Denis joyfully oblivious to what Sir Meows A Lot does with all his free, unsupervised time. Sir Meows A Lot is quietly plotting world domination, involved in intergalactic wars and is generally evil, but Denis loves him, no matter what.

Fans of Denis and Sir Meows A Lot will recognize the comedy stylings of Denis’ ‘straight man’ to Sir Meows A Lot’s insanity and the contrast of Denis’ obliviousness and Sir Meows A Lot’s every day pandemonium. Their storylines usually converge in a moment of ridiculous chaos, as Denis’ feline friend’s escapades land him in hot water, and Denis usually gets the brunt of the blowback from Sir Meows A Lot’s schemes.

Chock full of laughs, absurdity and chaos, “Denis and Me” the animated series, is also a show about positivity, citizenship and friendship. No matter what happens, or how much of a nuisance Sir Meows A Lot can be, Denis accepts his furry pal for who he is and always has his back.




Denis is a fun-seeking, ultra-positive optimist, who is blissfully unaware of the chaos constantly surrounding him. Almost every time, this chaos is caused by his best friend and cat, Sir Meows A Lot. They share a mutual love for video games, basketball, and ADVENTURE! No matter what happens, they’ll always have each other’s backs.

Sir Meows A Lot

Sir Meows A Lot is no more or less evil than most cats, but his high IQ and button-pushing tendencies are always getting him into trouble with the law, the laws of gravity, the local wildlife and the neighbours.
Though he usually avoids the worst of consequences thanks to his sharp wit and incredible dumb luck, his best pal Denis does not avoid them, and in fact, tends to always receive the brunt of Sir Meows A Lot’s karmic punishment.

Lady Barks A Bit

Sir Meows A Lot maintains a healthy rivalry with the Shiba Inu dog next door, Lady Barks A Bit. Lady is a friendly, if somewhat dim, dog who just loooooooves Denis and would very much like to become Denis’ best friend, or even just get a good ear scratching from him. Denis, however, is mostly oblivious, which forces Lady Barks A Bit to up her game, resulting in outlandish plays for attention, that drive Sir Meows A Lot insane with jealousy.

The Denis and Me Team


Denis Kopotun

Denis Kopotun is a 24-year old full-time YouTuber from British Columbia, Canada. His YouTube channel "Denis" currently has 8.9 million subscribers, with videos totalling over 3 billion views. With a core fanbase of kids between the ages of 7 to 15, Denis plays video games like Roblox and Minecraft and does internet challenges like “Try Not to Laugh”. He is widely recognized for his signature “I love cats” T-shirt and the cat named Sir Meows A Lot who sits on his shoulder.

Diana Moore

Diana has worked on over 20 animated and live-action kids series, either as writer, head writer, story editor or creator. She is best known for her work on “True and the Rainbow Kingdom” (Netflix), “Ollie the Boy Who Became What He Ate” (CBC Kids), “Stella and Sam” (Disney Jr) and “Chirp” (CBC Kids). In her 17 years in the industry, she has created and developed series for TVO, CBC, Disney Jr, YTV, Treehouse and the Comedy Network.
Michelle Melanson

Michelle Melanson

Michelle Melanson is an Emmy-nominated Producer and Executive Producer, with over 25 years experience in television, hundreds of episodes produced and over 50 awards and nominations. Most recently, Michelle was President of Radical Sheep Productions, executive producing such shows as the worldwide hit “The Next Step”, as well as “Fangbone!”, “The Bagel & Becky Show”, “Tee & Mo”, “Stella and Sam”, “The Yup Yups” and “Ollie! The Boy Who Became What He Ate”. Michelle has won the Canadian Screen award, the Grand Prize of the Youth Media Alliance, multiple Kidscreen Awards and Cynopsis Awards. She received a Juno Award for her work producing the Stella and Sam music album.

Headspinner Productions is an award-winning production company spearheaded by industry veterans Michelle Melanson and writer/producer/showrunner Ken Cuperus (Stargate: Atlantis, The Listener, Frankie Drake, My Babysitter’s a Vampire, Mr. Young, Berenstain Bears, and Total Drama Island). Headspinner is committed to creating and executing great content for the international market. From kids and family to drama and genre, Ken and Michelle are driven by an unparallelled passion for the creative industry.